TIME: Priebus to Trump: You Should Have Stayed at Mar-a-Lago After the Convention

A fail so massive even Reince Priebus notices
8/11/16 6:36:54 pm
re: #202 Varek Raith Exactly. I'm not necessarily for the TPP, but I've never heard a good reason why we should be against it without getting into conspiracies. Had my sister try to tell me that the reason she's against ...

House Benghazi Commission Ends With a Piteous Whimper

And now… nothing
6/28/16 4:18:04 pm
As innocent as Reagan "allowing" 240 US Marines to be blown up...then doing absolutely NOTHING about it. In other words, a total waste of taxpayer money, cynically spent on pure politics.
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The Amazing, Relentless Dishonesty of the Republican Party

Lying to our faces
10/29/15 9:46:03 pm
How's this for scary: They may actually believe what they're saying! Carson's comments about evolution reminded me of a way of thinking George Eliot recognized from her evangelical youth: Whatever tends in the believer's view to the glory of God ...

Reince Priebus Calls Donald Trump, Begs Him to Stop Raving in Public

Priebus begs Trump to keep it on the down low
451The Major
7/09/15 11:56:25 am
re: #439 lawhawk Now take a simple procedure such as a colonoscopy. Typically, as long as nothing is found during the procedure it'll be under $750. The second a polyp is found, it now becomes a surgical procedure to excise ...

The Chairman of the RNC Is Now Indistinguishable From Breitbart “News”

Your crazy Republican Party tweet of the day
274Jay in Oregon
7/14/14 7:47:32 am
re: #273 Islamo-Masonic Conspirator Maybe GG doesn't want to burn his meal ticket? If he starts going off about Russian surveillance and civil liberties, Snowden may be moved into "protective custody" for the next 40 years or so. Even if ...

GOP Chair Calls Out Mitt Romney — A Year And A Half Too Late

Reince is trying to keep the immigration debate from getting even uglier
53Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/18/13 1:15:30 pm
re: #52 AlexRogan No, they could do that by singleing out individual corporations. They do that already, they attack Solynedra despite it being a corporation. Lots of financial firms are as in bed with Democrats as Republicans.

RNC Chair Priebus: Don’t Worry, Bigots, the GOP Is Not Embracing “Tolerance”

7/22/13 7:08:09 pm
re: #441 Charles Johnson It was the pictures of little Elizabeth helping recover victims in the bombed out rubble of WW2 London that gave me pause and to appreciate that the monarchy gave the Britons a sense of place in ...

RNC Chair Priebus “Asking Questions:” Does Obama Support Infanticide?

RNC chairman recycles hateful right wing meme
4/03/13 5:36:21 pm
So Reince, how is that master plan to reinvent the GOP into a more rational, tolerant, empathetic, and socially relevant political party working for you?