Islamophobia, Fox News, and Bogus Statistics

Steve Emerson’s use of bs stats about Muslim demographics in UK furthers agenda of Islamophobia
1/13/15 12:58:54 pm
re: #409 Khal Wimpo Yep, that's that non-existent Islamophobia for you. // Both Sam Harris & Bill Maher have fawningly (and incorrectly) attributed the following definition of Islamophobia to Hitchens: Andrew Cummins later proudly took credit for the definition, according ...
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Steve Emerson, who claims to be an Islam expert, was on Fox News spouting off bogus statistics about Muslims living in the UK. He claimed that Birmingham and other cities are majority Muslim and that non-Muslims can’t go there (no-go zones). It was patently BS, and he had to walk …

One Third (?!) of PA High School Science Teachers Believe in Creationism - And Some Teach It

Let’s not ‘cram’ science into our children!
4/29/13 5:35:52 pm
re: #46 Feline Fearless Leader The response to Sputnik may have been motivated partly by irrational fear, but it was still a RATIONAL response. Today, the response would be, "We're not prayin' enough, and we're believin' the evolution and not ...
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To Avoid Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Colorado Catholic Hospital Argues a Fetus Isn’t a Person

Malpractice suit being appealed to Colorado Supreme Court
1/24/13 4:41:12 pm
re: #75 Kragar CTE is going to be a even bigger problem among returning Iraq & Afghan vets who survived IEDs: Carl Prines description of personally surviving 4 IED explosions: Carl Prine: _Line Of Departure_ One Shot One Kill: May ...
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Quran-Burning Church Pastor: ‘Islam is of the Devil’

308Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
8/01/10 10:47:13 pm
re: #307 Naso Tang No, I don't. You repeatedly state things that are untrue. Sharia 'law' is not necessarily a law enforced by police. It can be simply the 'law' that the adherent to Islam attempts to follow. It's a ...

Video: Newt Gingrich’s Chairman Explains the Dominionist Agenda

6/17/10 9:13:07 am
Compare & Contrast: Dominion Process step 3: "The second coming of Jesus will take place after this blessed seed has completed the Dominion Process upon the earth by making disciples of all nations." Mathew 25:13 "Therefore keep watch, because you ...