Ben Carson Calls for Prohibiting Religious Hate Speech, Irony Meter Goes Wild

Sheer hypocrisy
630No Country For Old Haters
6 days ago
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In an obvious attempt to push back against recent reports that he’s appallingly clueless in issues of foreign policy, Ben Carson (or someone in his campaign) has penned an opinion piece for the Washington Post titled: My plan to defeat the Islamic State. And one of his prime directives …

Pat Robertson Says, Don’t Worry - Gay Marriage Is Still Illegal

Pay no attention to the Supreme Court
10/26/15 12:19:52 pm
re: #14 The Vicious Babushka Do they honestly not understand that they have it exactly backwards? It's the laws *against* abortion that subject women to slavery. The idea that my internal organs -- my uterus, my kidneys, my thyroid, the ...
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Ben Carson Says We’re Approaching the End Times, But He’ll Save Us if We Elect Him President

Bad craziness
570Jebediah, RBG
10/13/15 11:15:44 am
re: #525 SteveMcGaziBolaGate The Ramones didn't "foster a reputation" - they started doing their own thing - predating the UK punks - and continued doing their own thing for the rest of their careers. They had their own idea of ...
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Donald Trump Does the Bible Pandering Dance at Values Voter Summit

Much pander, so nice
9/25/15 5:48:32 pm
re: #35 Backwoods_Sleuth I think Democrats need to make some kind of deal with the candidate who is the most fire-breathing conservative in the House: "We just want you to promise that you'll continue to be an unredeemable asshole. And ...
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