Alex Jones and Trump Surrogate Roger Stone Vow to Hold Rally Wearing “Ball Gags”

119W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
6/22/16 12:34:51 pm
I hope they know what they're doing. Marcus is still pissed .

Once again, conspiracy peddler Alex Jones played host to Trump adviser Roger Stone, and this one was a doozy. Jones and Stone vowed to show up for the Republican convention in Cleveland and stage a demonstration where “we all wear gag balls in our mouth.” I have to admit, …

Bryan Fischer Fantasizes About “Stilettos, a Dress, and Dangly Earrings”

Come on out, Bryan
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1/05/13 3:34:42 pm
re: #198 Romantic Heretic I found Transhumanism, plus a cool list of sci-fi books to read at the wiki about it. and the others are linked from this Wiki on that issue of Foreign Policy Thanks for the heads-up!