Democratic Party to Women: Your Rights Are Less Important Than Winning Elections

Worst Democratic idea of the year
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7/31/17 4:00:28 pm
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Today the Democratic Party announced a new position that I find absolutely infuriating: no litmus test on abortion. That’s right; in a misguided quest for conservative votes, the party leadership has decided women’s rights are no longer a core issue for Democrats, and they’re going to start giving money to …

Texas Anti-Abortion Law Struck Down by Supreme Court, 5-3

Right wing anti-choice law thrown out
6/27/16 5:33:52 pm
re: #120 freetoken It doesn't matter if Warren showed DNA results, they would call it fake, like they did Obama's BC. If you're fool enough to jump through one of their hoops, there is no end to it.
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

The Republican Planned Parenthood Committee - Yet Another Political Witch Hunt

Stacked with anti-choice fanatics
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10/27/15 12:56:30 pm
re: #212 The Vicious Babushka Not true. Many people without celiac disease are allergic to wheat. Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) can be caused by wheat. With EoE the esophagus swells and can prevent swallowing. Ending up in the emergency room unable ...

To Avoid Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Colorado Catholic Hospital Argues a Fetus Isn’t a Person

Malpractice suit being appealed to Colorado Supreme Court
1/24/13 4:41:12 pm
re: #75 Kragar CTE is going to be a even bigger problem among returning Iraq & Afghan vets who survived IEDs: Carl Prines description of personally surviving 4 IED explosions: Carl Prine: _Line Of Departure_ One Shot One Kill: May ...

At Florida Fundraiser, Paul Ryan Mocks ‘War on Women’

Tone deaf to the max
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10/19/12 11:13:35 am
re: #476 Sheila Broflovski I joked to our desktop IT support guy once that I'd broken the cup holder on my office desktop. He semi-freaked out until I told him that * *knew* it was a CD drive and not ...

When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories (1992)

6/14/12 10:38:31 am
re: #400 Feline Emperor of the Conservative Waste I know there's a push to do that with school districts. You've got a lot of small towns that could legitimately merge with some of their larger neighbors. Since the majority of ...

Nebraska Anti-Abortion Law Forces Mother to Watch Her Baby Die

3/09/11 9:18:04 am
re: #241 changomo I took you up on the invitation to scan your previous posts. My conclusion is that you are relentlessly annoying, and not very good at intellectual discussions. And possibly not entirely truthful. You don't remember Gordon, yet ...