Ted Cruz Wins the Prize for Most Revolting Grovel of the Day

106Mike Lamb
4 days ago
re: #94 Backwoods_Sleuth The summary of Trump's statement, if accurate, is absolutely insane.

What sort of low-down groveling sycophant would suck up to Donald Trump even after Trump attacked his wife’s looks and accused his father of being involved in the assassination of JFK? Ted Cruz, of course, setting new standards for bootlicking crap weasels everywhere. You might want to have an air …

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, seen in an appearance on the far right InfoWars conspiracy outlet
Chuck C. Johnson, seen here stalking Rep. Maxine Waters on a plane as she slept

In Which the GOP Tries to Protect Their Orange Oligarch Figurehead With a Series of Desperate Moves

146retired cynic
1/05/18 3:02:29 pm
I got an email from Sen. Chris Murphy, reporting on a trip he and Sen. Blumenthal made to Puerto Rico. It is long, but so good. I cut the photos out of the text, and am putting the text in ...

Republicans Are Relentlessly Working to Subvert the Trump/Russia Investigation

1/02/18 6:03:19 pm
re: #327 calochortus Seems like there should be business opportunity in finding more ways to use/re-use all those abundant plastic resources in the trash. And business opportunity in finding ways to set up smaller local manufacturing with 3D printing, that ...

Video: Seth Meyers on Donald Trump’s Out-of-Control, Nauseating Boasting and Lying About the Tax Scam

12/22/17 7:08:54 pm
re: #78 Cheechako Happy birthday and all the updings! Wishing you more healthy and vigorous years in the next quarter century Favoriting this comment so I can go back and re-read when I need to

Political Comedians Continue Outdoing the Media in the “Unvarnished Truth” Department: Samantha Bee on Roy Moore’s Humiliating Defeat

“Alabama Republicans believe in carrying every pregnant pause to full term”
12/15/17 12:59:06 pm
re: #496 Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis "He was upset that America isn't fascist. Plenty of people knew that he was a monster, but no one stopped this sick, racist, murderer. How many more of these monsters are on ...