Iran’s Supreme Leader says US foreign policy is ‘disintegrating’

Iran’s supreme leader reacts to Senate Letter
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3/12/15 1:50:23 pm
re: #420 BeachDem Walker, Cotton, Chris McDaniel, Greenwald. The Stepford Douchebags?

Via Deustche Welt: It seems that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, did not see the humor in what Senate Republicans are now trying to characterize as a “Light-Hearted, Cheeky” Joke. It’s painfully obvious that those same Senate Republicans are woefully ignorant of the fact that Iran is armed to …

Arizona Wingnuts Chicken Out on Anti-Gay “Right to Refuse Service” Bill Due to Backlash

It’s a dry hate.
2/25/14 2:34:10 pm
re: #69 darthstar They could come to Iowa! Wait, that wouldn't work. We don't have a professional football team. 'Cause then Minnesota would want one. (Insert rimshot here.)