Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign, Right Wing Blogs Gloat, Rant

The DMOTI: “Good riddance”
9/25/14 3:26:59 pm
re: #142 Dr Lizardo Brilliant, briliant movie.
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President Obama will be announcing at 4:30 pm Eastern time today that Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning. Here’s an NPR audio report: And of course, right wing blogs are already in a frenzy of back-slapping and partying and gloating; if there’s one thing right wingers know how to do, …

Right Wing Group Used Fake Identities to Stalk Rep. Weiner

Right wing cyberstalking revealed
6/20/11 6:49:45 am
Previously I used another fictional detective as my Internet handle. When I posted some comments on the Washington Post and elsewhere that were critical of Israeli policy, someone started signing that name to vile antisemitic remarks at Nazi web sites. ...
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