Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign, Right Wing Blogs Gloat, Rant

The DMOTI: “Good riddance”
9/25/14 3:26:59 pm
re: #142 Dr Lizardo Brilliant, briliant movie.

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President Obama will be announcing at 4:30 pm Eastern time today that Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning. Here’s an NPR audio report: And of course, right wing blogs are already in a frenzy of back-slapping and partying and gloating; if there’s one thing right wingers know how to do, …

Breaking: CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns, Citing Affair

“Poor judgment”
11/09/12 3:25:38 pm
re: #243 lostlakehiker They can't make a secret of their voter registration, that's public. But their ballots are secret. It doesn't make him white. There are racists in all human groups, including political parties and demographic groups. And what Obdicut ...

Right Wing Group Used Fake Identities to Stalk Rep. Weiner

Right wing cyberstalking revealed
6/20/11 6:49:45 am
Previously I used another fictional detective as my Internet handle. When I posted some comments on the Washington Post and elsewhere that were critical of Israeli policy, someone started signing that name to vile antisemitic remarks at Nazi web sites. ...

Sarah Palin Advises Christine O’Donnell to ‘Speak Through Fox News’

9/20/10 8:20:03 am
Because the best way to show that you're going to represent everyone in your state is to only speak on right wing media outlets! Great advice Sarah. Seriously Palin seems to want these senate candidates not to represent their states ...