Election Night, Thread 3: Some Thoughts on What We’re Seeing Tonight

902unproven innocence
11/09/16 2:54:47 am
re: #387 Ziggy_TARDIS Don't go there. I've read your book.

When I first started touring with the George Duke Band in the early 70s, we played a lot of festivals and gigs in the deep South. At that time, there were still places where you could see “Whites Only” signs on water fountains and restrooms, and I witnessed some shockingly …

Sam Tannenhaus on NPR: Why Does the GOP Continue to Be ‘The Party of White People?’

“Who needs Manhattan when we have the Southern states?”
2/12/13 10:09:00 am
One term people..one term is the root of the GOP's ideological dilema, one term caused this mind bending swing to the right and off the road!..That term is pathological Christianity(belief). It has infected the very marrow of what at one ...