Rick Santorum Whines About Not Making It Into the Prime-Time GOP Debate

Somebody call the whaaambulance
8/07/15 5:16:16 am
Watch Republicans espouse complete Darwinian economic ideology. Now watch as they whine and complain about not being able to hack it in their chosen field of competition. Watch them fail to succeed against the competition of others who share identical ...

Rick Perry vs. Donald Trump: “The Modern-Day Incarnation of the Know-Nothing Movement”

Dude fight
249The Mulai
7/24/15 11:26:39 am
Perry is an idiot. He proved that 4 years ago. He is running for President as a Bush lapdog for the purpose of attacking Bush's main opposition. Perry is barely above zero with the polls. He may not get in ...

Rick Perry: Charleston Shootings “An Accident” Due to Drug Use - and Obama’s Using It to Ban Guns

What the hell is wrong with the right?
249Jebediah, RBG
6/19/15 10:01:02 pm
re: #237 Belafon Nope, not the only one, except I usually have multiple tabs for each, since it sometimes takes me about forever to get through threads. And I'm always confused by time.

Podcast: The Bob & Chez Show, 6/4/15: Exploring the Depths of the Duggars

And… it’s Chucktastic!
6/07/15 9:04:00 am
This is the ENTIRETY of the comments section of Chuckie's latest article (about himself, of course), posted two full days ago. It's really really sad. donotlink.com

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Calls 2nd Session to Try to Pass That Insane Anti-Choice Bill Again

Perry calls the protest a “breakdown of decorum and decency”
6/26/13 4:24:14 pm
Governor Perry refers to the filibuster by Democrats as "the breakdown of decorum and decency". This is really something, considering that in the US Senate, Republican filibusters are pretty routine by now.