This man is an idiot

Stupidest Right Wing Conspiracy Fantasy of the Month: #JadeHelm

The idiocy boggles the mind
328Green Alien
5/01/15 8:24:08 pm
re: #108 Dr. Matt LOL!!!!!!!!

Never in the history of the United States has there been a military exercise on American soil… oh wait, yes there has. Lots of times. But right wingers led by the King of All Idiots, Alex Jones, are having a massive freak-out session about an upcoming Army training exercise dubbed …

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller to Appear Alongside EDL’s Tommy Robinson

Worldwide “Counter-Jihad Alliance” to launch with Stockholm demonstration on August 4
6/12/12 2:25:28 pm
re: #46 Kragar Fucking repellent. Of course, he's openly racist and white supremacist, so why should I expect anything else?

Rodan Exposed: The Shocking Audio

Revealing audio of the founder of “The Blogmocracy” and “The Diary of Daedalus”
4/09/12 10:09:52 am
Gus, I hope Rodan spends some quality time behind bars for what he did. I also hope this videos goes a long way to expose the "counter Jihad movement," for what it really it. The good news is that Rodan ...