GOHMERT! in Which Louie Shows Congress a Bizarre Kitchen-Sink Conspiracy Chart to Prove… Something

Still the looniest right wing numbskull in Congress
11/15/17 7:09:00 pm
re: #298 Ace Rothstein

We haven’t written about the Dumbest Man in Congress lately because he’s been eclipsed by the Worst President in History, but he’s still trying to claw his way back to the top of the Heap of Right Wing Loonies and he made a noteworthy effort yesterday. Our hero Louie showed …

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Trump: Mass Killers Are “Geniuses,” We Can’t Do Anything to Stop Them

But a giant wall will stop those Mexicans
10/05/15 2:09:12 pm
Donald Trump! Locking up one more voting block---mass murderers. Who wouldn't vote for a guy that thinks their geniuses! Next up unrepentant domestic abusers and drunk drivers.