It’s Official: “MRA” Robert Stacy McCain Is Permanently Suspended From Twitter

2/23/16 3:00:54 pm
re: #115 The Vicious Babushka I'm in the games industry. The games industry itself is mostly fine and getting better, although we still do have a hell of a gender gap in our employees. Most game devs tend to be ...

Over the weekend we reported that Robert Stacy McCain, formerly known as a racist and neo-Confederate with white supremacist associations but now self-rebranded as a rabid “men’s rights activist,” had been suspended from Twitter. We also noted that McCain had a second account, @SexTroubleBook, and was publicly tweeting from …

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“Men’s Rights Advocate” Robert Stacy McCain Suspended From Twitter

Hate-spewing far right loon gets suspended, turns into whining crybaby
612Major Tom
2/21/16 5:10:40 am
re: #600 HappyWarrior Maybe you shouldn't rush to judgment at all. Here is the FULL video of the caucus. The moment in question starts around 0:53:00 You will hear that they are asked if someone can translate and Huerta goes ...

WaPo Conservative Blogger Jennifer Rubin Cites White Nationalist Robert Stacy McCain

The new conservative baseline
504Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/28/13 7:42:20 am
re: #503 Destro You do know that a ton of libertarians vote and identify as Republican too, right? And again, it's really cool that you learned the word 'pettifog' but using it constantly is silly.

Right Wing Blogger Calls for Police to Gun Down Occupy Protesters

And he calls himself a Christian
3/18/12 7:58:43 pm
re: #332 erik_t Hard to tell. There are still people DOING things. Here in the Bay Area, they've essentially become indistinguishable from much of the rest of the mass of the activist community/fringe left/etc. Same leadership, same goals, same basic ...

Right Wing Blogger RS McCain: ‘Slut Joins N-Word on List of Forbidden Terms’

Robert Stacy McCain is being persecuted again
3/04/12 6:15:32 pm
Most conservatives are certainly smart enough to realize that posting mean-spirited and petty racist ... or homophobic ... or misogynistic comments online will eventually come back to bite them in the ass. (Yes, I am giving them the benefit of ...

Reactions to ‘Fox News Commenters Spew Racism at Whitney Houston’

Lots of denial from the right, of course
148Eventual Carrion
2/13/12 11:55:33 am
re: #69 SanFranciscoZionist I think my questions would be: 1. Ron P. does HTML, JavaScript, CSS and the like or does someone else write that for him? 2. He records himself and posts it on YouTube, or does someone else ...

Hoft, Geller, and McCain Race to the Bottom in Lara Logan Posts

Misogyny, paranoia, and persecution complexes
224Jeff Zazlow
2/17/11 9:43:24 am
Like I said the "attack" is sadly probably a lot worse than a "sexual assault".... and is being under reported on details and description out of respect for Logan's privacy now... though it looks like at first bcs it would ...

Robert Stacy McCain on Date Rape: ‘You Buy the Ticket, You Take the Ride’

12/09/10 11:22:24 am
I have a confession to make, I like the term hussy, huss, or elle husserino "if you're not into the whole brevity thing." Not all the time mind you, you've got to measure it, dole it out on extra special ...

And Now, A Little White Supremacist Humor from Robert Stacy McCain

920Eclectic Infidel
7/03/10 8:36:46 pm
re: #919 ClaudeMonet Yeah, for the coastline, there's only the Caspian Sea. Learned some interesting things too: *Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country and the largest landlocked country in the world. It is equivalent to the size of Western Europe. *Education ...