Trump Surrogate Roger Stone: Trump Interviewed Romney “To Torture Him”

“To toy with him”
284Jebediah, RBG
12/12/16 10:17:49 pm
re: #256 allegro Watched? Sure...

From the disturbing photo above, it was already pretty damned obvious what was going on when Donald Trump met Mitt Romney for dinner, dangling the prospect of a Secretary of State nomination in front of him like a fishing lure, but yesterday Trump’s friend and ally Roger Stone went …

Trump Adviser Roger Stone Tweets Image of Nazi Mascot “Pepe the Frog”

Right in the middle of acting outraged about Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” statement
9/11/16 1:24:53 am
re: #259 makeitstop Chumley of Pawn Stars. I can not believe I knew that without looking it up...

Alex Jones Equates Trump University Judge to “A Hispanic KKK Grand Dragon”

6/06/16 2:21:12 pm
re: #120 EPR-radar After he had CLEARLY stated earlier in the campaign that he would not vote for her. In the end he did and justified it by saying he didn't know who she was. But collective lizard memory is ...

Trump Ally Roger Stone Says He’ll “Disclose the Hotels and the Room Numbers” of Anti-Trump Delegates at Convention

Trump’s fascist friend
4/05/16 5:58:04 pm
I have Autorun of a thumb drive disabled on my work computer, running Windows 7. I think this was set by the corporate IT, since it's possible to do using Global Policy Editor. I would have to use regedit to ...