Uh, About Those Clinton Confederate Flag Campaign Buttons? Two Can Play This Game

Rand Paul Confederate flag merchandise surfaces
155Marc Sigoloff
6/25/15 12:21:44 pm
Doesn't anyone do research anymore? None of these buttons came from the campaigns. They were made privately by individuals for personal profit.

Right wing bloggers are having a huge outrage party over the discovery of some old campaign buttons created by supporters of Hillary Clinton that feature a Confederate flag. Breitbart “News” hack Joel Pollak is a good example: HILLARY CLINTON CONFEDERATE FLAG MERCHANDISE SURFACES ON EBAY! Meanwhile, however, as GOP presidential …

Ron Paul Says Rand Paul’s “Travel Ban” Idea Is “Politically Motivated”

One of those rare moments when the elder Paul seems saner than his son
10/21/14 6:41:18 pm
re: #232 ausador Amada Marcotte is a visible feminist in the US with an internet presence. Therefore, there is no doubt that she has already received numerous rape and death threats from misogynists.

Right Wing Bloggers Immediately Started Portraying the Kansas Neo-Nazi Shooter as a “Democrat”

They do it every time a right winger kills people
4/14/14 7:30:00 pm
In the opposite-verse, where "your" is "you're" the liberals are the real racists, and no one can hear you scream.

KS Shooting Suspect Frazier Glenn Miller’s 2010 Interview: He’s a Fan of Ron Paul

“It’s the Jews, stupid”
103Hercules Grytpype-Thynneghazi
4/14/14 1:34:24 pm
re: #73 HappyWarrior It's much older than Limbaugh though. I remember seeing in in Republican Party publications from the Nixon era.

What’s Wrong With Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill? Everything.

The libertarian harassment act
368W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
11/19/13 1:30:53 pm
re: #339 Vicious Babushka Almost correct. The hand that bears a gun in "Insurance companies" should be a hand of Dollars so expenses you paid for in insurance premiums are covered!

Ron Paul, John Birch Society President to Speak at Anti-Semitic Conference

The guy Julian Assange thinks is America’s “only hope” will address a radical antisemitic group
8/20/13 8:33:16 pm
re: #355 As Stupid as I Look How's that gorgeous red head boy? Is there any Norwegian ancestors? Or is it Celt?

Rand Paul’s Neo-Confederate Co-Author Praised Lincoln’s Assassin

Still #StandWithRand?
7/09/13 6:01:23 pm
re: #455 efuseakay Arrrggghhh! Dallas, Bexar, El Paso, Harris, and almost all of the border counties are also blue. (That meme about Austin drives me crazy.)