Rudy Giuliani: “Economic Genius” Trump “A Lot Better for the US Than a Woman”

10/02/16 6:36:35 pm
re: #219 Archangelus You have my very sincere condolence. I lost a brother to lung and brain cancer in January 2014, and one to stomach/colon cancer in October 2015, so I have firsthand experience with losing a loved one to ...

It’s hard to believe and even harder to overstate how irrational and misogynistic Rudy Giuliani comes off in his interview today with George Stephanopoulos. Giuliani says “a man who has this kind of economic genius is a lot better for the United States than a woman.” Yes, he really …

Rudy Giuliani on Brooklyn Police Shootings: It’s Obama’s Fault

What the hell is he talking about?
403eff Jeff
12/22/14 11:30:12 am
I know, I know, new thread, but it doesn't feel right stinking up the other thread with this. I find this a little more understandable (that's not approval: keep reading). Giuliani is a man who built his political career by ...

Rudy Giuliani: “White Police Officers Wouldn’t Be There if You [Blacks] Weren’t Killing Each Other”

“The defensive mechanism of white supremacy”
124Hombre McBacon
11/25/14 10:23:55 am
Guiliani has proven himself to be not just a classical racist but an idiot. Something I have wondered for a long time: When were Italians accepted as "white" in American society? I'm 1/4 Italian by the way.

The Disingenuous Attack on Sandy Disaster Response

Rudy’s misguided attacks on the Obama Administration storm response
608Unshaken Defiance
11/05/12 5:35:04 pm
re: #288 erik_t Be as critical as ya want. But, given the close race we can easily speculate Huntsman would have beat the incumbent. After all it's not at all hard to think Huntsman could have gotten say 5% or ...