“Strict Constitutionalist” Rush Limbaugh Cheers Trump’s Call to Destroy the 14th Amendment

Trump’s plan “has people standing up and cheering”
8/18/15 8:52:35 am
re: #179 Shiplord Kirel They already have, actually, America's First Openly Gay Imam Performs Same-Sex Marriages politix.topix.com I guess I just blew their minds.

Rush Limbaugh: Crash of MH17 Is “An Opportunity to Abandon the Bad Obama News at the Border”

Expect the Right Wing Unison Parrots’ Chorus to chime in too
313Higgs Boson's Mate
7/18/14 5:12:31 am
WTF caused Malaysian Air Lines to fly that aircraft over a hot war zone in the first place? And who in hell thought that they'd be advantaged by shooting down a civilian airliner? I've become too old, the world doesn't ...

Racist Pig Rush Limbaugh: “Uncle Toms for Thad”

Totally open right wing racism
289De Kolta Chair
6/26/14 8:27:52 am
"The average Limbaugh listener is rural and sixty-nine. The country is changing in a lot of ways, and what those people are fed is a steady diet of grievance and anger." -- Steve Schmidt, John McCain's chief strategist in 2008, ...

Rush Limbaugh vs. Stephen Colbert and the Nature of Reality Itself

“That’s why I’m called the mayor of Realville”
5/02/14 6:48:52 am
A very Randian rant, & one that warps reality. Colbert's continual exposure of the right through satire and lampoon all of these years is closer to reality than most of Rush's theocratically driven drivel.

Limbaugh: It All Went Downhill When Women Got the Right to Vote

“That’s when votes started being cast with emotion and maternal instincts”
384First As Tragedy, Then As Farce
7/04/12 10:32:10 am
re: #382 Feline Emperor of the Conservative Waste A pessimist only has to be right in a big way once (even if only by accident) in order to be taken at least a little seriously from that point onward.

Misogynist Talk Show Hater Rush Limbaugh Honored by Missouri at Secret Event

On the hard right, Limbaugh’s vile attacks on Sandra Fluke have only increased his popularity
216(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
5/15/12 3:23:02 pm
re: #91 Ascher Uh, no. It was not propagated by Israel but by marjoriemoon in that thread. Nowhere did I say that that kind of thought was propagated by Israel; accusing me so must be based on your own projection, ...