Trump Tried to Prevent Sally Yates From Testifying to Congress About His Links to Russia

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re: #34 Backwoods_Sleuth It is a tenet of RWNJ faith that all we have to do is remove all those pesky, job-killing government safety and environmental regulations and the coal trains will be running |round the clock again...

In today’s episode of Trump’s Russia Problem, we learn that the Trump gang tried to intimidate former acting attorney general Sally Yates out of testifying to Congress by invoking “presidential communication privilege.” Yates was apparently planning to testify this week anyway, but then former Trump transition team member Rep. Devin …

New From Keith Olbermann: Which of Trump’s Cronies Will Flip on Him First?

Could turning on Trump be the only way out of jail for some of these guys?
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re: #271 Backwoods_Sleuth So now the yam is going to florduh in the middle of the week? Not just on the weekends? Will somebody please let him know that the capital is DC, NOT Mar-a-gaudy.

New From Keith Olbermann: The Crisis of Trump’s Conspiracy Theories

These fantastical lies are more than delusional, they’re dangerous
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re: #506 Backwoods_Sleuth Nah, kids would be much more caring and open to universal healthcare. Actually I would take an all-kid congress right about now. They would be a huge improvement over the current GOP congress.

Rep. Adam Schiff Accuses FBI’s Comey of Withholding Information on Russia

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re: #415 Dr. Matt Those days of novice wrestling with my youngest were so fun. Once older and more competitive it was still interesting, but the little ones were so funny learning what was expected. He did wrestling for 9 ...

Trump Corruption Watch: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at Nexus of Trump’s Russian Deal

Rachel Maddow connects the dots
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re: #99 Mike Lamb Thank you. I'm black and grew up under Jim Crow, and I still would not deny that some blacks are racists. I know they are because I've met some of them in my 60%2B years. I ...