Ed Schultz, Now Working for Russia Today, Defends Donald Trump

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515klys (maker of Silmarils)
9/10/16 11:39:15 am
re: #510 darthstar Good thing nobody called you a "deplorable" here either. I think we all know that you're not impressed with Hillary. You make that very clear.

I saw this tweet go by in my main Twitter timeline and did a serious double take. I knew Ed Schultz had been working for Russia Today after losing his MSNBC show, but I didn’t realize how deeply he’d gone into the RT mindset. And there’s a video to …

Alex Jones: Glenn Beck Is Stealing My Crazy

10/06/10 5:32:29 am
I remember Alex Jones being happy about the John Birch pod people stealing his crazy. He's probably got it into his head that Glenn Beck is a shape-shifting lizard or NWO agent or something like that. Speaking of lizards, check ...