Lots of mouth. Small brain-case. What is this atavistic species?

Circular Firing Squad: GOP the Day After Nikki Haley Attacks Trump

Set hair on fire. Run in circles. Scream. Repeat. Coherent planning? Not so much.
171The Major
1/13/16 6:40:20 pm
re: #116 teleskiguy Typical Fox News Advice from their experts.....

While I was overjoyed to see Obama talk to America like we were actual thinking, feeling adults capable of perceiving and recognizing reality (as opposed to screaming, threatening, mocking, spewing hate - this is known as foreshadowing, BTW) … … the really compelling thing that happened last night was the …

Live Video: The 2013 State of the Union

Will Obama go big on climate change tonight?
2/13/13 6:01:24 am
I don't watch the State of the Union address anymore. Haven't for years. Why? Because no matter what the president says (on either side), Congress is going to follow its own agenda and the good ideas, if any, that the ...

Ted Nugent at the SOTU? That’s Bad, but the Problem Goes a Lot Deeper

Inmates running the asylum
2/12/13 7:03:11 am
re: #87 darthstar darthstar..Yes I do see what your saying,I used to blog on NewsVine and they expect everyone to act as if their at a church social so the reality of actual conversation gets muddled at times. I realize ...

Rep. Bachmann (R-Mars) to Give Tea Party SOTU Response

Hilarity to ensue
221Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
1/26/11 9:30:57 am
re: #220 schnapp Why not? Do you see that the first sentence there begins with "It is often claimed"? No, see, this is what you should be trying to prove, not what you should be using as an assumption. You ...