FBI Vacates Apple Court Date, Says They May Be Able to Crack Terrorist’s Phone

3/22/16 6:00:30 am
re: #224 CuriousLurker Those are two of the most fake smiles I've ever seen.

After threatening and trying to strongarm Apple into writing special code that would let them unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists, today the FBI suddenly announced they may be able to unlock it without Apple’s help. The court date set for tomorrow has now …

Video: Dana Loesch’s Unhinged, Totally Wrong Rant About the SB Terrorists and Social Media

12/16/15 3:56:28 pm
Man, all this talk about deli is making me hungry, and I haven't really found a good one here. There's a NY Deli, that is anything but. Really want a turkey and chicken liver sandwich on marble rye!

After GOP Debate Fear-Mongering About “Political Correctness,” SB Shooters Never Posted Jihad Messages Publicly

12/16/15 4:28:04 pm
On Twitter this morning, the anger was intense when word came out that there had been no public posts to social media. Sheer politics, they said. Obama has corrupted the FBI. But equally numerous were the Truthers, who insisted it ...