GOP Outreach to Women: “Don’t go sleeveless again [Sandra Fluke]”

More great moments in Republican rebranding
12/26/13 12:32:03 pm
re: #112 BusyMonster I'm glad that I'm not alone. I don't get the point of sleevelessness at all; all I could come up with was "the right to bare arms", but I don't think I'm on the right track. Republicans. ...
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Now some fashion advice for women from GOP surrogate, @GOPfashionista. Here’s a screen shot of GOP Fashionista’s “GOP 2014” outreach page. As you can see, GOP Fashionista is officially connected to the GOP and RNC. Update - more GOP outreach from “GOP Fashionista”:

Live Video: 2012 Dem Convention Day 2, Thread 2

Sandra Fluke, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren
9/06/12 12:44:01 pm
re: #52 Buck I agree with you about Carter & yes, half the delegates at that "vote" did show exactly what they thought (Or, at least, less than half were louder than more than half - it could have been ...
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Misogynist Talk Show Hater Rush Limbaugh Honored by Missouri at Secret Event

On the hard right, Limbaugh’s vile attacks on Sandra Fluke have only increased his popularity
216(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
5/15/12 3:23:02 pm
re: #91 Ascher Uh, no. It was not propagated by Israel but by marjoriemoon in that thread. Nowhere did I say that that kind of thought was propagated by Israel; accusing me so must be based on your own projection, ...
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Fox News Analyst Monica Crowley on Sandra Fluke’s Engagement: ‘To a Man?’

Right wing continues vicious attacks on law student Sandra Fluke
4/27/12 5:20:33 pm
re: #24 Kragar Uh, my Crowley-aligned friends are on Fluke's side. Just FTR. That said, I tweeted Crowley myself. Here's my first tweet, to where she said "I love exposing the Left's lack of humor" (WTTE): "Or, rather, you love ...
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Right Wing Blogger Who Attacked Sandra Fluke’s Boyfriend Recommends Antisemitic White Supremacist Author

Masks are dropping all over the place
558What, me worry?
3/16/12 12:30:53 pm
What I find truly horrifying is that Baynes must have heard SO MUCH anti-Semitism or has been so exposed to it in one way or another (I'm afraid to wonder how) that he doesn't even recognize it. And why he's ...
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Sandra Fluke: Slurs Won’t Silence Women

As the right wing continues psychotically lying about her
3/13/12 3:01:55 pm
Charles' comment about Sandra Fluke's attackers not being able to use the excuse of ignorance anymore applies just as well to those who've made a career of attacking evolution or climate science. The average Joe or Jane on the street ...
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Sarah Palin’s Word Salad of the Day: Apologizing for Limbaugh

“Never is that the same applied to the leftist radicals”
3/07/12 4:28:58 pm
I noticed that there was a lot of gloating on many rightwing blogs yesterday that Carbonite's stock had allegedly dropped by some 12% after they pulled out of sponsoring Limbaugh's program (it was down only 8.7% when I checked to ...
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Pamela Geller: ‘I’ve Had It Up to Here With Sandra Fluke’s Obama-Endorsed Vagina’

Crazy hater just keeps ranting
3/06/12 5:54:13 pm
Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond weighed in with a series of disgusting Tweets. I wonder if she heard from management at her new show because she issued an apology. One of the things that bothered me is that Heaton ...
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Right Wing Blogger RS McCain: ‘Slut Joins N-Word on List of Forbidden Terms’

Robert Stacy McCain is being persecuted again
3/04/12 6:15:32 pm
Most conservatives are certainly smart enough to realize that posting mean-spirited and petty racist ... or homophobic ... or misogynistic comments online will eventually come back to bite them in the ass. (Yes, I am giving them the benefit of ...
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