The Return of VP Candidate Sarah Palin?

Half-governor redux
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Could this election possibly get any weirder? After all, we already have a racist Birther billionaire running for president on the GOP side, so how could it get any more bizarre than it already is? Answer: if that racist Birther billionaire selects Sarah Palin as his running mate. …

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Glenn Beck Is Embarrassed He Supported Her: “Sarah Palin Has Become a Clown”

Clown vs. clown
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9/11/15 12:54:44 pm
C'mon Glenn, you're teasing us. Which clown is she? Bozo? Emmitt Kelly? Krusty? A rodeo clown whose job is to distract the bull away from the fallen roughrider? Or some socialist foreigner type like Grock?
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Podcast o’ the Evening: The Bob and Chez Show, 7/28/15

Donald Trump wants Sarah Palin in his cabinet
7/29/15 1:04:50 pm
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