Sarah Palin Freaks Out Over Hillary Non-Indictment, Advocates Overthrowing the Government

Half-governor loses it
7/05/16 11:25:06 pm
She quit on Alaska to do better things. That was 7 years ago. Still waiting to find out what she plans to do to help people more than what she could have done as governor.
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All over the right wing universe — and in some parts of the far left Bernie Sanders universe — the freaking out over the FBI’s recommendation not to indict Hillary Clinton is a glorious thing to behold. Sarah Palin’s take is a true classic in the Palin genre, as …

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Glenn Beck Is Embarrassed He Supported Her: “Sarah Palin Has Become a Clown”

Clown vs. clown
328Pacific moderate
9/11/15 12:54:44 pm
C'mon Glenn, you're teasing us. Which clown is she? Bozo? Emmitt Kelly? Krusty? A rodeo clown whose job is to distract the bull away from the fallen roughrider? Or some socialist foreigner type like Grock?
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