Pat Robertson Says Satanic Covens Use Facebook to Put Curses on Fetuses

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2/17/15 5:33:25 pm
re: #97 Lidane The award's from Breitbart, so it doesn't count.
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I’m not sure what’s more disturbing about this clip from Right Wing Watch; that religious right crocodile Pat Robertson thinks satanic covens are using Facebook to put curses on fetuses, or that the woman asking the question apparently is willing to accept this kind of seriously bad craziness at …

Pat Robertson Fondly Recalls the Days When Gays Were Stoned to Death

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3/27/14 8:17:00 am
re: #508 gwangung You make a very good and important point. Legal abortion is one of the safest medical procedures of all. What the religious right wants, put plainly, is to deny 21st-century medical care to 21st-century American women. This ...
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History Channel’s Incredibly Obama-Like Satan

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3/20/13 9:42:09 pm
re: #532 Glenn Beck's Grand Unifying Theory of Obdicut The point of the exercise is that instead of the wars of the Diadochi that distracted the Hellenistic world after Alexander's death, allowing Alexander to live would have allowed per Tonybee ...
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Fly Lands on Obama’s Face, World Net Daily Raves About Satan - Update: Satan Discovered Writing for WND

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1/26/13 10:46:52 pm
Charles Johnson, As if the fly on Obama's forehead actually meant something. I imagine Satan looking at the people saying that fly proves obama is the antichrist and laughing. Assuming the devil was real, he'd think it was ridiculous as ...
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