Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin’s Bizarre ‘Waterboarding Baptism’ Statement: Huh?

Huh?! Talks
5/01/14 8:53:24 am
Aside from the deeply offensive content, her delivery is getting more and more bizarre. Her voice is getting ever more Phyllis Schlafly-like, her gestures are weird and disconnected with what she is saying, and what's with those random pauses?
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Jon Stewart on the Media’s Absurd Handshake Meltdown

A gesture so meaningless you can train a basset hound to do it
12/12/13 8:54:02 am
re: #35 erik_t You know, pulling out reams of photos of Reagan and the Bushtards shaking hands with all kinds of vile people, and Bush kissing the cheek of one of his Ay-rab buddies, and then forcibly gluing those pictures ...
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Stephen Colbert Dons the Sweater Vest and Interviews Rick Santorum

“You really seem to be appealing directly to the heart of not enough people to win”
282A Mom Anon
11/20/13 4:33:06 pm
re: #280 William Barnett-Lewis God that's heartbreaking. I hope you get this mess resolved. Every child has the right to an education without fear of anything, ridicule, threats, violence, failure. There has to be a better model for education than ...
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