Saudi Prince: ‘We Don’t Want the West to Find Alternatives’

‘At the end of the day, the United States is down, but it is not out’
482Interesting Times
6/02/11 1:41:35 pm
"Drill, baby, drill" troll doesn't seem to understand the "oil is fungible" concept. As long as there's worldwide demand for oil, Saudi Arabia and other nefarious regimes will have as much oil money to fund as much nastiness as they ...

Gingrich: Obama Should Withdraw Kagan’s Nomination Because Harvard Takes Saudi Money

5/17/10 10:34:14 am
#0 Charles Yes, that is what they say. What they certainly said about the election of GWB. I say that during the 8 years of Republican administration ACCESS to Abortions went up (as measured by the increased number of yellow ...

ABC News: August Saudi Assassination Attempt Used Same Undie Bomb Method

1/03/10 8:26:03 pm
re: #221 tradewind Totally agreed. I can't WAIT for those body scanners to be in play. I love the technology, it seems like it's effective, quick, efficient, and if people don't want to be scanned, well, they can take Greyhound ...

Climate Deniers and Saudi Arabia Agree on ‘Climategate’

12/08/09 3:45:26 pm
Some philosophical angles missing from many climate change debates: (1) Arbitrary CO2 concentration limits are meant to defer or delay the tipping point after which catastrophic climate change cannot be prevented by simply limiting future CO2 emissions. If a certain ...