Breitbart Hack Joel Pollak Says Michelle Obama Copied… the Dreaded Alinsky!

Commies under the right wing bed
7/19/16 9:05:55 pm
re: #139 Nyet

I know the previous article was titled “The 3 Most Amazing And/Or Ridiculous Republican Attempts to Deny Melania Trump’s Plagiarism,” but that was before I saw this amazingly dim-witted post at Breitbart “News” by Joel Pollak: Michelle Obama Copied Alinsky in Speech Melania Trump Plagiarized. ALINSKY! ALINSKY! [lights hair …

The Breitbartocalypse Continues - Communists Are Hiding the Video!

Andrew Breitbart’s legacy: absurd right wing idiocy
3/06/12 2:27:05 pm
re: #176 HappyWarrior Maher was entirely over the line. That said, Rush is even further over the line. It was a sustained attack, he lied extensively, and he went from slinging insults to personal charges of promiscuity. Not nice at ...