Katrina Photos Show the Streets Around Brian Williams’ Hotel *Were* Flooded

Murky story is murky
2/06/15 6:42:02 pm
gotnwes.com apologizes for stealing the second photo above. It's for a good cause. RISE OF KATRINA FLOODING PHOTO TRUTHERS: That's not water! It's moisture from the humid New Orleans air!
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As if the Brian Williams story weren’t already murky enough, the helicopter pilot interviewed yesterday on CNN is now questioning his memories that partly supported Williams’ account. Meanwhile, our stalker friend Chuck C. Johnson launched another front in the war against Williams yesterday, claiming that Williams’ story of seeing a …

Bridgeghazi: Christie Says He Was Misled, Didn’t Know, Unacceptable

New Jersey-style
1/09/14 6:04:16 am
re: #64 lawhawk I wanted to re-iterate this significant point you made: people often DIE in bad traffic. This kind of tantrum-throwing isn't just embarassing and inconvenient: it's deadly. It goes directly to Christie's judgment that he even hired toddlers ...
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CNN’s Dana Loesch Spews Insults at Critics of Her Comments Supporting Desecrating Corpses

Help! I’m being persecuted by ‘pony-tailed academics!’
1/13/12 9:36:11 pm
re: #101 sizzzzlerz And even beyond that, it's a giveaway for all that hypocritical socon chest-beating about how "prolife" they supposedly are. They are "prolife" for those not born, and corporations on paper. For the already-born, anything goes. Any heinous, ...
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