The Rob Porter Scandal Gets Worse: The FBI Warned the White House 3 Times About Him

400Barefoot Grin
2/13/18 5:55:05 pm
re: #395 William Lewis Live at Leeds sounds good. He got Tommy for Christmas. I've been loving it.

It’s almost comical how badly the Trump administration has handled the Rob Porter situation. Their spokespeople are all over the media with blatantly conflicting statements, some condemning Porter while Trump and others praise him. But the worst part of it is that FBI Director Christopher Wray has now testified that …

Illustration by Arthur Jones

Giant Leak of Offshore Financial Records Exposes Global Array of Crime and Corruption

220John Vreeland
4/04/16 2:02:25 pm
Salon keeps calling them the "Pentagon Papers." It funny the first time or two but seriously, people, get your act together. So has Ted Cruz been firmly connected to the DC Madam? I can't bear to check. Last week Maddow ...

Bridgeghazi: Chris Christie ‘Embarrassed’ - Close Ally Takes 5th Amendment

The ship is sinking
44Reality Based Steve
1/09/14 12:05:22 pm
re: #22 Decatur Deb One would also suspect that there would be some documentation for the need for the study, what you're trying to find out, little details like that. I may get up in the morning and say "I ...

Bridgeghazi: Christie Says He Was Misled, Didn’t Know, Unacceptable

New Jersey-style
1/09/14 6:04:16 am
re: #64 lawhawk I wanted to re-iterate this significant point you made: people often DIE in bad traffic. This kind of tantrum-throwing isn't just embarassing and inconvenient: it's deadly. It goes directly to Christie's judgment that he even hired toddlers ...

Stephen Colbert Examines Anthony Weiner’s Penis in Depth

Carlos Danger, secret mayor
106Unshaken Defiance
7/25/13 12:49:46 pm
re: #105 lawhawk Makes me think this is somehow okay with her. Some kind of arrangement. Reminds me of that ball player who gets one cheat a year according to the wife. This seems pretty weird to some, but we ...

Petraeus Scandal Takes a Serious Left Turn

CIA reality show gets weird
11/13/12 1:23:19 pm
re: #16 Sophist is the VillageGreen Preservation Society It's actually a power thing. Tons of psychological studies showing that power directly influences hormone production and triggers an evolutionary drive to capitalize on that power for procreation and sexual dominance. In ...

CNN’s Dana Loesch Spews Insults at Critics of Her Comments Supporting Desecrating Corpses

Help! I’m being persecuted by ‘pony-tailed academics!’
1/13/12 9:36:11 pm
re: #101 sizzzzlerz And even beyond that, it's a giveaway for all that hypocritical socon chest-beating about how "prolife" they supposedly are. They are "prolife" for those not born, and corporations on paper. For the already-born, anything goes. Any heinous, ...

Power Line’s Hinderaker Blames ‘Democrats’ For Cain’s Downfall

Denial takes many forms
92John Vreeland
12/05/11 3:23:30 pm
I am pretty sure that all serious democrats out there were hoping Cain would get the nomination. Of course, a lot of the outrage over Cain's behavior might have been forgotten by the time November came around.