Breitbart Hack Milo Yiannopoulos Calls Bill Nye “Stupid”

Dishonest wingnut misogynist attacks science advocate
1/21/16 12:40:54 pm
Fortunately, Bill Nye has a great sense of humor. He needs it to deal with fools.
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Today at Breitbart “News’ we find self-hating malevolent misogynist weirdo Milo Yiannopoulos attacking Bill Nye, presumably because he’s a strong advocate for science and against climate change denial, and anyone who writes for Breitbart has to be upset at people like this. It’s their business model. Yiannopoulos titles his …

Great Video: Bill Nye Helps You Refresh Your Understanding of the Basic Science of Climate Change

Stand up for reality
34SteveMcGaziBolaGate RN
11/09/14 7:19:24 pm
At the risk of monopolizing this thread (TOO LATE!!), I would say that a tough winter makes the spring so much sweeter. But in fact Spring for me is 8 weeks of chilly rainy windy weather from mid-February to mid-April. ...

Pope Francis Takes a Stand for Evolution

US conservatives are now to the right of the Pope
10/30/14 7:32:33 am
having grown up within Texas and a deeply "Conservative" family and church, I can tell you that Popes in general and the Catholic Church in particular might as well be Muslim or space aliens for all they care- the only ...
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Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Candidates Agree: More Religion Needed in Science Class

1/28/14 3:49:07 pm
The thing I can't figure out is whether they understand that there are people who are not Christian in public school, or simply don't care. I think its the latter, but they speak like its the former.
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Popular Science: Why We’re Shutting Off Our Comments

Essentially because they are tired of dealing with the bullshit coming from the anti-science right wing
466Eventual Carrion
9/25/13 11:23:52 am
re: #385 CuriousLurker Aaron Alexis types will be happy to take one.
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One Third (?!) of PA High School Science Teachers Believe in Creationism - And Some Teach It

Let’s not ‘cram’ science into our children!
4/29/13 5:35:52 pm
re: #46 Feline Fearless Leader The response to Sputnik may have been motivated partly by irrational fear, but it was still a RATIONAL response. Today, the response would be, "We're not prayin' enough, and we're believin' the evolution and not ...
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Video: Bill Moyers With Zack Kopplin - Fighting Creeping Creationism

The creationist right never went away, and now they’re back stronger than ever
3/04/13 11:29:23 am
re: #95 abolitionist Except that, as a private Christian school, they probably have the Get Out of the Fourteenth Amendment Free card of considering all employees to be "ministers." Because ministers can be fired for "not adhering to the church's ...
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The Conversion of a Climate Change Skeptic

Overwhelming evidence that man is behind climate change
7/31/12 8:46:02 am
The climate change denial mindset is an outcome of a larger phenomenon that has become a fundamental component of conservative ideology lately -- anti-intellectualism. Fundamentally, climate change deniers refuse to accept the conclusions of the vast amounts of data gathered ...