Suit Reveals Ties Among Radical Abortion Opponents and Imprisoned Terrorist

1/28/13 4:21:12 pm
Suit Reveals Ties Among Radical Abortion Opponents and Imprisoned Terrorist Did the suit reveal shirts too? Brown ones, I'm assuming. :)

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Rachel Maddow Special: The Assassination of Dr. Tiller

10/27/10 2:47:46 pm
re: #590 RogueOne The price of legal pot would likely decrease so much as to more than offset any tax. And you're very confused about who wants to outlaw it--that would be the right. We on the left love dope. ...

Anti-Abortion Activists: Tiller’s Church ‘Brought Damnation On Themselves’

9/29/09 1:10:26 am
Who else sees in this last condemnatory quote a not-very-covert call for a 'righteous warrior for life' to 'rise up' as 'an arm of God's holy justice' and 'smite' this church in order to 'avenge the blood of the innocents' ...

Anti-Abortion Lawyer Plans to Argue Justifiable Homicide

513Land Shark
8/31/09 7:58:31 am
I know I'm late to this thread but I just had to comment. Gunning down abortion doctors is justifiable homicide? Man, these people are nuts. I'm strongly anti-abortion but this sure falls into the "things Jesus would NOT do" category. ...

NYT: The Story Behind Dr. Tiller’s Murder

7/28/09 12:34:36 pm
re: #734 iceweasel I believe these kinds of charges (or non-charges as the case may be) are more consistent if you view it through the lens of "wantedness". If the parent or parents wanted the child (like Lacy Peterson did) ...

Dr. Tiller’s Murderer Still Advocating Via the US Mail

7/04/09 9:33:26 am
I realise this is at the end of a mostly dead thread, but hopefully some will see it. Roeder is far from the first murderer connected with the anti-abortion movement to conduct correspondence from prison with others, with the explicit ...