Scott Walker Is the Second to Bail

Trumpenstein rampant
411Reality Based Steve
9/22/15 6:36:26 am
re: #383 Decatur Deb I actually got my Mom that little zen sand garden many many years ago. She absolutely loved it. Everyday she would smooth out the sand and rake a new pattern into it. RBS

The Trumpenstein is taking out its competitors one by one; the latest Republican victim of its wrath is Scott Walker. And here’s why Walker’s bailing out: Ouch.

Podcast: The Bob & Chez Show, 6/4/15: Exploring the Depths of the Duggars

And… it’s Chucktastic!
6/07/15 9:04:00 am
This is the ENTIRETY of the comments section of Chuckie's latest article (about himself, of course), posted two full days ago. It's really really sad.

Scott Walker Tells Dana Loesch Mandatory Ultrasounds Are ‘Just a Cool Thing’

All the chicks dig them. They’re groovy.
663The Major
5/28/15 6:29:39 pm
re: #647 Ace-o-aces And he's gloating that this account won't be taken out because it's under the control of a different person. Looks like Twitter's policy needs to be tweaked to not only cover in-duh-viduals but the web properties they ...

Wisconsin Prosecutors Say Scott Walker Ran a “Criminal Scheme”

144Jack Burton
6/19/14 3:17:04 pm
re: #45 Dr Lizardo I had a similar experience driving through Arizona to go to a wedding. We didn't compare it to Hell (That's Riverside CA in August), but the nicest thing we could say about Tuscon was "So this ...

Final Poll on Wisconsin Recall: A Very Close Race

Walker leads by only 3 points
6/04/12 12:06:32 pm
re: #90 Daniel Ballard Actually it works on a larger group of voters than just the under motivated and unaware. Group one: low income, as a rule working long hours with no slack for time to contest disenfranchisement. ("Hey boss? ...

Poll: Clear Majority Opposes GOP Union-Busting

The right wing’s war on workers’ rights is unpopular
187Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/02/11 4:01:26 am
re: #186 mph First of all, being anti-tax and anti-deficit are contradictory positions. Second of all, to characterize the last elections solely on being driven by taxes, deficits, and public unions ignores all social issues and other issues. Which makes ...