Video: White-Haired Man Shocked by Trump’s “2nd Amendment” Comment, Still Tries to Excuse It

The mind of a Trump supporter
368retired cynic
8/10/16 7:28:58 pm
re: #249 Kragar "Wow. What bad choices did we make c.1980?" Oh, I know! I know! Call on me!
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The white-haired man seen gasping behind Donald Trump yesterday when he made his ugly “Second Amendment” comment was interviewed on CNN today. It’s a fascinating look into the mindset of a Trump supporter, because even though he clearly understood what Trump was suggesting, he insists to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin …

Watch Live: Trump Rants Again in Abingdon, VA, As Secret Service Confirms “Conversation”

As the Secret Service confirms they looked into Trump’s “Second Amendment” comment
227Bill and Opus for 2016!
8/10/16 4:04:06 pm
re: #66 Kragar I have two direct email addresses and monitor another three shared distribution lists. Between them (not counting automated notifications from various Oracle databases for scheduled jobs), I get over 500 messages a day. If something breaks, we ...
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Blogger Chuck Johnson Knows Who to Blame for Being Suspended From Twitter: Me

Apparently I control Twitter now
490Jocko's Rocket Ship
10/14/14 9:05:33 pm
re: #481 RealityBasedSteve That's basically my rub, ex the thyme (too impactful for a base on my tongue.) Put that on chicken thighs, maybe a bit of brown sugar too and leave little of the skin on, caramelize it. Can't ...

Video: Obama’s Press Conference on Gun Violence

“This time the words need to lead to action”
274Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
12/19/12 8:07:44 pm
re: #272 Political Atheist I really don't think citing a CCW forum is appropriate, do you? Especially one that doesn't seem to be differentiating between legal carriers and illegal, in terms of who got scared off/shot at? I mean, I'm ...

Power Line’s Hinderaker: Schools Should Be More Like Biker Bars

“No one tries to shoot up a biker bar”
12/16/12 11:55:26 am
re: #618 Sol Berdinowitz I've read that as well-additionally all those firearms factories needed to keep consumption up after the war and helped manufacture the myth of Colonial America and Guns.
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