Watch Live: Trump Rants Again in Abingdon, VA, As Secret Service Confirms “Conversation”

As the Secret Service confirms they looked into Trump’s “Second Amendment” comment
227Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos
8/10/16 4:04:06 pm
re: #66 Kragar I have two direct email addresses and monitor another three shared distribution lists. Between them (not counting automated notifications from various Oracle databases for scheduled jobs), I get over 500 messages a day. If something breaks, we ...

I got a little burned out on watching Trump’s disconnected, rambling stream-of-semi-consciousness rants for a while, but he’s been on such an amazingly self-destructive roll recently that now I can’t help being curious about what insane thing will bubble out of his fevered brain next. Today’s speech comes on …

Ted Nugent at the SOTU? That’s Bad, but the Problem Goes a Lot Deeper

Inmates running the asylum
2/12/13 7:03:11 am
re: #87 darthstar darthstar..Yes I do see what your saying,I used to blog on NewsVine and they expect everyone to act as if their at a church social so the reality of actual conversation gets muddled at times. I realize ...

Yet Another Wingnut Blogosphere Fail: No Connection Between White House Shooter and OWS

Wingnuts jumped the gun … again
920Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
11/17/11 2:18:52 pm
re: #918 Talking Point Detective I don't see the use of the word 'autistic' as being more defining than 'person with autism'. And there's lots of people who self-identify as 'autists'. Telling them they're wrong to do ...