UPDATE: DHS Investigating Altercation Between Secret Service & Photographer at Trump Rally

Violence at Trump rally under investigation
3/07/16 10:14:30 pm
re: #14 Stanley Sea My favorite part of that balloon juice post:
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Following up on our coverage of the TIME Magazine photographer who was choked and body-slammed by a Secret Service agent at a Donald Trump rally in Virginia recently, today we learn that the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general will be conducting an independent investigation into the incident. Related: …

Ted Nugent at the SOTU? That’s Bad, but the Problem Goes a Lot Deeper

Inmates running the asylum
2/12/13 7:03:11 am
re: #87 darthstar darthstar..Yes I do see what your saying,I used to blog on NewsVine and they expect everyone to act as if their at a church social so the reality of actual conversation gets muddled at times. I realize ...
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Yet Another Wingnut Blogosphere Fail: No Connection Between White House Shooter and OWS

Wingnuts jumped the gun … again
920Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
11/17/11 2:18:52 pm
re: #918 Talking Point Detective I don't see the use of the word 'autistic' as being more defining than 'person with autism'. And there's lots of people who self-identify as 'autists'. autistscorner.blogspot.com themusicalautist.com markfoster.net Telling them they're wrong to do ...
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