Right Wing #SecretSociety Conspiracy Theory Collapses Spectacularly

1/25/18 6:10:12 pm
re: #347 ObserverArt Our compositor at our college paper was a letterpress guy who successfully migrated over to coldtype printing. He grumbled all the time about the computers and stuff, but admitted the didn't miss being splattered with hot lead ...

The entire right wing universe began shrieking in unison (they always shriek in unison) a couple of days ago on reports that an FBI agent had referenced a “secret society” in a text message. It was evidence of the DEEP STATE! A conspiracy to harm DEAR LEADER DONNIE! Possibly involving …

Scalia Update: He Died at a Meeting of a Secret Religious Society of Hunters

Very weird
2/25/16 5:33:11 pm
My dad was a member of the Masons. Never understood it. He worked his way up to 32nd Degree, whatever that is. He told me it helped him being a "detail man," selling drugs to doctors for Squibb and Pfizer ...