Ashton Carter

Nominee for Next Defense Secretary: Physicist Ashton Carter

Cue right wing freak-out
12/02/14 6:19:35 pm
re: #147 lawhawk Indict. This one's a no-brainer. Chokeholds are forbidden, chokehold used, man dies.

It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but numerous sources report that President Obama’s nominee for the next Secretary of Defense will be Ashton Carter, a physicist with many years of experience in national security and defense. John McCain may think Carter’s a “noncontroversial” pick, but just watch: the right …

Chuck Hagel Confirmed for Secretary of Defense

Excellent work, Breitbrats!
2/27/13 6:52:58 am
re: #1 Dr. Matt I think animosity to Hagel is from the Military Industrial Complex types because they fear the defense budget cuts he is going to implement and one of the biggest military pork spending out there is supporting ...

Live Video: President Obama Makes Personnel Announcements: Hagel and Brennan

Right wing immediately attacks former heroes
1/07/13 2:51:23 pm
Alan Dershowitz will testify(or wants to)regarding Hagel. I would like to point out that Dershowitz is a very, very strong supporter of the President. I have truly mixed emotions on Hagel. His past comments on Armenia and Israel both me, ...