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Cloud-Based Password Manager LastPass Hacked

Password managers are a very attractive target for hackers
6/16/15 5:44:42 am
re: #24 goddamnedfrank And they can even sync up with your own personal cloud storage (like a NAS or WD myCloud drive).

One of the most popular password managers, LastPass, announced today that their network has been compromised. In a blog post at their website, CEO Joe Siegrist stated they have no evidence encrypted user vaults were stolen, or that any user accounts were accessed. However, the attackers did manage to …

Google Knew About Heartbleed and Didn’t Tell the US Government

Google withheld information about the largest Internet security failure in history
359Jay in Oregon
4/16/14 1:01:01 pm
re: #208 Lidane The fact that these people aren't breaking rocks in some federal prison somewhere puts the lie to every evangelical who claims that the U.S. is persecuting Christians or people who speak out about homosexuality.
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NSA Review Board Recommends Phone Companies Store Metadata, but Phone Companies Don’t Want the Job

A notable lack of enthusiasm from the private sector
367Great White Snark
1/15/14 6:05:47 am
re: #366 Uncle Obdicut You appear to revel in being hard to please on this. You ignored my explanation of why I refer to myself as pro gun and that you have some anti gun aspects to your position. You ...
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