Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz Are Openly Advocating for a Theocratic Government

The state of Republican politics
7/10/15 6:14:09 am
re: #17 Charles Johnson Or, try being a Greeter, at a Big Box like HD, in Lynchburg, VA. Its great but scary..in a good way. 'Have you been saved?', 'god will be bringing his wrath on our country', etc..etc
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Separation of church and state? Are you kidding? Get out of here with that antiquated nonsense! What was Thomas Jefferson thinking, anyway? In 2015, the leading Republican candidates for president of the United States are going all out for the evangelical vote, and they’re openly advocating for a theocratic …

Tennessee Republican Wants Bible to Be the State Book

Anti-Constitution Republicans
2/11/15 4:56:51 pm
re: #6 Kragar Most people have never read through the entire Bible. However, most telling amongst those that have, a significant percentage of Evangelicals I've known choose to highlight the particular verses or even individual words that they themselves deem ...
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Rick Santorum: Separation of Church and State Is a Communist Idea

Thomas Jefferson, the original commie
12/03/14 10:47:08 am
By the way, I wonder how Rick Santorum would explain article 11 of the treaty of Tripoli which was written long before Marx even came up with the idea of communism. The Barbary Treaties 1786-1816 Treaty of Peace and Friendship, ...
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Louisiana Republicans Getting Set to Make the Bible the Official State Book

Establishment Clause ring a bell?
4/18/14 8:06:40 am
Politicians who take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and then promote legislation that is clearly Unconstitutional are violating their oath of office and should be removed from office.
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GOP Rebranding Watch: NC Republicans Sponsor Bill to Declare Christianity the State Religion

4/04/13 8:39:54 pm
The GOP does realize that it was founded by a fairly progressive tall bearded guy by the name of Abraham Lincoln, no? This country needs job growth and better economic policy and all these morons at the state and federal ...
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Louisiana GOP Bigot Changes Mind on School Vouchers Because Muslims

Theocratic idiocy in Lousiana
338Reality Based Steve
7/07/12 6:05:21 am
I've sent her a very polite email via her website expressing my concerns, and asking if she is also against funds going to a Jewish school (of which there are 3 in LA). I don't expect a reply, but if ...
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Rick Santorum Doubles Down: JFK Really Does Make Him Want to Barf - Update: Or Maybe Just Gag a Little

Religious insanity takes over the GOP
2/28/12 7:55:26 pm
re: #75 celticdragon I don't know if you're subscribed to this thread and will see tis, but I'm really sorry to hear about your parents' decision. Sometimes we pay a really high price for being true to ourselves, but I ...
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Santorum: JFK’s Speech on Separation of Church and State Makes Me Want to Puke

2/26/12 9:07:56 pm
I don't understand how people like him can claim to be a strict constitutionalist? Ricky is basically saying that the Federalists Papers, Jefferson, Franklin, Locke and lets throw in Joseph Priestly, and Roger Williams to boot, folks who directly and ...
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Romney Blasts Secularism, Endorses Mixing Church and State

Wearing God on his sleeve
12/18/11 8:18:06 pm
Charles Johnson, Personally I don't like Obama, but its beginning to look more and more like I can't really throw my full support behind any of the Republican Nominees either. I'm a major supporter of the separation of church and ...
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Kentucky Moves Ahead with Tax Breaks for Creationists

12/24/10 2:14:43 pm
Several years ago there was a discussion amongst a number of academics on the subject of evolution and the relevance of the recently completed genome project. Then suddenly on a video screen appeared a chap with an Australian accent spouting ...
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Kentucky Gov. Beshear Wants State Money for Creationist Theme Park

12/02/10 6:41:20 pm
re: #282 Charles I exaggerated slightly. Beshear is the same governor who ran for office on the issue of legalizing casino gambling at race tracks, which many fundies consider the equivalent of a satanic theme park. As far as milking ...

Christine O’Donnell is Not the Only GOP Politician Who Denies Separation of Church and State

10/20/10 1:45:21 am
re: #752 lostlakehiker What the fuck traditional marriage penalized? Who are you, man? There's some weird fucking nasty-ass inhuman attitudes orbiting this blog, blows my mind sometimes Seriously libertariansim is just a creepy ideology, just can't stomach it, at least ...

Video: Christine O’Donnell’s Idiotic Statement on the Establishment Clause

154Mad Prophet Ludwig
10/21/10 12:14:46 pm
re: #141 JustaDummy Ohhh... what a slimy reverse on your part. No, I was pointing out that you were doctrinally incorrect. When you were commenting on what the bible does and does not say. Whether or not the government supports ...