Stupidest Man on the Internet Viciously Slimes Megyn Kelly

Jim Hoft is a sick man
8/10/15 11:32:24 am
re: #76 Backwoods_Sleuth August 9 - the 1st anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting AND the 41st anniversary of Nixon resigning the presidency. Coincidence? I think not!
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Jim Hoft, long renowned as the Stupidest Man on the Internet, is also one of the most hateful, vicious right wing attack dogs. And he’s following Donald Trump’s lead by cranking out a horrendously sexist hit piece on Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly. FLASHBACK=- MEGYN KELLY Discusses Her …

A Classic Horrible Racist and Sexist Ad From the 80s: Mr. Microphone

“Hey, good lookin’! We’ll be back to pick you up later!”
5/18/15 10:53:39 am
re: #416 lawhawk My bad for remembering what the chyron said as the cop was reciting "capital muder charges". He was saying the capital murder charges were a result of an organized crime conspiracy resulting in all those deaths. The ...
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Irony Alert! Loesch Distracts From Riehl’s Misogyny By Tag-Teaming With Another Misogynist

Republican operative Chip Gerdes has a history of homophobia, misogyny and threats.
92Feline Fearless Leader
5/27/12 5:56:48 am
re: #85 Mich-again In Philadelphia they have this extra parking lane now on some of the streets. Those parking seem to wonder sometimes why it is a little narrow and has bicycle symbols spray painted on it a few places ...
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Newsweek Releases Outtakes from Bachmann Photo Shoot

Is it sexist to notice that Michele Bachmann is a loon?
8/10/11 4:03:28 pm
Wait. The picture is sexist, but her claim that wives ought to be submissive to their husbands isn't? "Bachmann has said that her husband directed her to study tax law, and she obliged because “the Lord says: be submissive, wives; ...
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