Video: Joy Reid Interviews Former Fox News Guest About Eric Bolling’s Alleged Sexual Harassment

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re: #43 Charles Johnson I'm late to the conversation, but this is my all time favorite anecdote/tweet exchange on the topic: ReplyReply w/ Quote ReplyReply w/ Quote

This morning on AM Joy, Joy Anne Reid interviewed former frequent Fox news guest Caroline Heldman about her allegations that Fox host (and inveterate racist) Eric Bolling sexually harassed her and other women. Bolling was suspended by Fox News yesterday after the Huffington Post published this article by Yashar …

And Now, John Oliver’s Hilarious Take on the Bill O’Reilly Scandal

Warning: possibly NSFW
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re: #208 KGxvi The crowd is very douchey and not appreciative of the rare acts that get on the bill, so yeah it's a shitty experience for many. I'm hesitant on going back precisely because of the ever-growing douche factor, ...
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Trump’s Outreach to Women: Roger Ailes Is Helping Him Prepare for the Debates

Former head of most dishonest network in America advises Trump on debating Hillary
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Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

In Which Award Winning High-IQ Journalist Chuck C. Johnson Threatens to Shoot Me

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That Chuck C. Johnson (who is most definitely not you) disgusts me. I mean it in a literal way. He actually makes me feel physically ill.

Power Line’s Hinderaker Blames ‘Democrats’ For Cain’s Downfall

Denial takes many forms
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12/05/11 3:23:30 pm
I am pretty sure that all serious democrats out there were hoping Cain would get the nomination. Of course, a lot of the outrage over Cain's behavior might have been forgotten by the time November came around.

The ‘Lie Detector Expert’ in Cain’s New Ad is a Donor to His Campaign

And he’s not a ‘lie detector expert’ either
12/02/11 3:34:08 pm
re: #152 Ojoe Eh. I don't. I despise him for plenty of other reasons, but not that one remark. All humans have an inherent psychological tendency to maximize our self-perceived merits by attributing success to our own doing and failure ...

The Cain Campaign: Massive Fail 101

Record levels of ineptitude
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re: #17 Varek Raith You mischaracterized the content of the article. What actually happened was that a slip in typing html code caused the header "Europe" to not appear on the web page, but just on the downloadable version of ...