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Donald Trump Picks Up the Coveted Endorsement of Another Nativist Birther, Joe Arpaio

When birthers collide
490Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines
1/26/16 6:07:34 pm
re: #481 Targetpractice If they can get a net over the whole baboon troop, especially the alpha males, and do it without bloodshed, it could be a tremendous blow to the whole gun-humper conspiracy industry and its numerous deluded disciples. ...

Big news from the world of right wing crackpots, loons and racists, as the Trumpenstein continues lurching toward the White House by locking in the coveted endorsement of Arizona’s Birther sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The wingnut base is gonna love this. Related: There’s Something in the Water in Maricopa County …

Wacko Birther Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Arpaio to Speak at GOP Convention

Birthers will be well-represented at the RNC
63Patricia Kayden
8/24/12 8:14:36 am
But Obama is running such a mean campaign! Why don't the Republicans just get the latest Grand Wizard of the KKK to speak at their convention? Would appeal to the same voters that Trump/Arpaio are dog whistling to.

Live Video: Sheriff Arpaio’s Ridiculous Birther Press Conference

Idiotfest in Arizona
3/01/12 6:25:56 pm
That which we call a birther, by any other name, would still be an irrational, TFH-wearing bigot living in a state of denial. Would not be surprised to learn that mental health professionals decide to categorize birtherism as yet another ...

Arpaio: I Briefed Santorum on My Birther Conspiracy Investigation

How much crazier can this presidential election get?
683Decatur Deb
2/22/12 11:16:18 am
re: #682 Red Sea Desjardini Tang I can't think of a significant Catholic school that would teach YEC, even in the 1950's. Santorum, like O'Donnell and Jindal, is getting his Catholicism from very fringey sources. (Yes, there is a lot ...