Tonight in the Shitshow: Trump Threatens to Sue Steve Bannon for Defamation

1/04/18 1:22:35 pm
re: #482 MsJ Out tomorrow: Trump's threat against Michael Wolff's book backfires spectacularly as publisher moves up release date ReplyReply w/ Quote

This is really getting good now: Trump attorney sends Bannon cease and desist letter over ‘disparaging’ comments.

Let’s Call Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster What It Was: Theater for Morons

Sheer idiocy
9/25/13 3:04:41 pm
My guess? He's angling for the vice-presidency slot in the next election. He knows that by doing this, he sews up the GOP's dingbat base. The nomination goes to a centrist (?) like Christie, and Cruz slips in to make ...