As Soon as He Returned From Texas, Trump Retweeted a Scam Account’s Attack on Hillary Clinton

9/03/17 7:13:56 pm
re: #411 The Vicious Babushka "UNDER THE SEA" game over at far left. good fucking grief...

Donald Trump returned from his tour of Texas today, and the first thing he did was get on Twitter and retweet a blatant scam account, either a bot or an obsessed lunatic, with 150,000 followers and following 150,000 accounts, linked to a scam GoFundMe page that will probably be shut …

Let’s Call Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster What It Was: Theater for Morons

Sheer idiocy
9/25/13 3:04:41 pm
My guess? He's angling for the vice-presidency slot in the next election. He knows that by doing this, he sews up the GOP's dingbat base. The nomination goes to a centrist (?) like Christie, and Cruz slips in to make ...