5 People Shot Near Black Lives Matter Protest in Minneapolis, Two Suspects Arrested

326Patricia Kayden
1 day, 11 hours ago
re: #299 Jenner7 It's always the lunging, scary Negro. Thank goodness for the video and that journalist who sued to get it released. Now we all know the truth and the cop is in jail.
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More: 5 People Shot Near Black Lives Matter Protest in Minneapolis, Cops Searching for 3 White Male Suspects UPDATE at 11/24/15 11:48:24 am by Charles Johnson Latest word: two suspects have been arrested. Also see: Video Shows 4chan White Supremacists Bringing Gun to Minneapolis Protest Days Before Shooting

Podcast o’ the Day: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 8/27/15

In which Alex Jones spews hatred at Hillary Clinton
8/31/15 8:00:23 am
Alex Jones... Alex Jones... hhhhmmmmm... Hey.... Isn't that the Rush Limbaugh-wannabe who tried to step up his stale radio audience with that Jade Helm 15 thing? How'd that turn out, anyway? Anyone here living in a concentration camp, yet?
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Vegas Terrorists Planned to Take Over Courthouse and “Execute” Public Officials

Dangerous delusional idiots
389Egregious Philbin
6/10/14 8:43:11 am
Interesting to see the tea party trying to hide behind the Millers being "kicked out" of the Bundy camp. They can't get their heads around the fact that, because Bundy was so celebrated by Fox and Alex Jones, and all ...
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Another Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: “Tell the Police the Revolution Has Begun”

Local news reports suspect was middle-aged white man
136Integral Doc
6/09/14 12:43:36 am
Perhaps it's time to have a serious discussion about the Right to Own a Gun with the responsibility of keeping it secure? Shift the onus/liability of ownership to the gun owner. Strengthen liability laws in a way that demands that ...
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Report: LAX Shooter Purchased Guns Legally, Targeted TSA Agents

Libertarianism poisons everything
11/04/13 11:13:29 am
re: #368 Varek Raith The kind of booger-eating mouthbreather that hates the ACA isn't the kind of person that plays video games. Much like the 'debate' surrounding Net Neutrality, anybody with even an ounce of experience with actual tech industry ...
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