Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Part 6

6/27/16 11:42:24 am
re: #734 makeitstop Just think of the ratings! Is he going to ask the TV stations covering the convention for a slice of the ad revenues? Good way to fund your campaign. If no, he can refuse to appear. It ...
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Another title for this might be “Sesame Street Gone Horribly Wrong.” If you want to start at the beginning, here’s the first episode.

Hilarious Short of the Day: Macaulay Culkin Is Back, and He’s Seriously Pissed Off

Still dealing with Christmas abandonment issues
418Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance
12/18/15 11:16:29 am
re: #413 lawhawk In reading the account of the staffer who was fired, he accessed the data to demo what was wrong to the vendor. It doesn't appear to be malicious on his part but he took responsibility. The DNC ...
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