Breitbart “News” Pushes Debunked ISIS FGM Story, Commenters Call for Genocide of Muslims

Torrents of hate speech follow fake story
7/24/14 8:34:02 pm
re: #167 Killgore Trout Addendum: If you'd actually read the stuff that people take the time to post, you'd know that the UN official, Jacqueline Badcock, fell for a story rumor hoax that originated on Twitter, FFS. From the ThinkProgress ...

That bogus story about the ISIS Islamist group ordering all women to get circumcised has been debunked since early this morning, but at Breitbart “News” it’s still on their front page without any sign that it’s fake. JIHADISTS IN IRAQ ORDER WOMEN UNDERGO GENITAL MUTILATION That’s their whole story in …

Right Wing Blogger Calls for Police to Gun Down Occupy Protesters

And he calls himself a Christian
3/18/12 7:58:43 pm
re: #332 erik_t Hard to tell. There are still people DOING things. Here in the Bay Area, they've essentially become indistinguishable from much of the rest of the mass of the activist community/fringe left/etc. Same leadership, same goals, same basic ...