Video: Ken Burns on the Civil War: It Was About “Slavery, Slavery, Slavery”

The Confederacy was holding onto the idea that some humans should be able to own other humans
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re: #405 Backwoods_Sleuth NOBODY TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE TO READ THINGS I DISAGREE WITH!!!!! Remember, women who complain about being stalked and harassed are oversensitive SJWs, but Christians can freak out over having to read that gay people are ...
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Filmmaker Ken Burns appeared on Face the Nation today, and had some words about the revisionist history of the Civil War constantly being pushed by the right wing. He pointed out that South Carolina’s articles of secession (the first state to secede) are all about “slavery, slavery, slavery.” And not …

George Takei Apologizes for Calling Clarence Thomas a “Clown in Blackface” (But Not for Criticizing Him)

A classy statement
281The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
7/03/15 9:16:27 pm
re: #265 Bird in the Paw Centipedes are a freakshow anyway. With all those identical segments just like an annelid worm, coupled with the front six being fused into a perfect arthropod head, if they were extinct and you found ...
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Right Wing CO School Board Member: The US “Voluntarily Ended Slavery”

Right wing history
10/03/14 4:54:19 pm
It's true: my great-grandfather happily left his home and his new bride and son to join the Light Artillery, and participate in a lot of the worst battles in the West: Shiloh and Stones River and Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. ...

The National Review Cover That Speaks Volumes About Movement Conservatives

Still fighting the Civil War
6/06/13 9:33:33 pm
Its funny. When my wife and I visited the National Museum of American History in DC last summer, one exhibit contained examples of newspaper editorial and cartoon attacks on Lincoln by crazy secessionists and slaveholders. It was really creepy that ...
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About Scott Terry - CPAC Slavery Defender and “Disenfranchised Whites” Illustrated

Right wing racism erupts at CPAC
3/17/13 6:05:05 pm
re: #1 freetoken I'm black, older than Smith, and even though he doesn't seem to know it, I know that the racists in the GOP have no more regard for him than they have for any other Person of Color, ...
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Gingrich Approves of South Carolina’s Decision To Fly Confederate Flag At Capital

But don’t worry - he’s ‘opposed to slavery’
12/25/11 11:59:45 am
All racism and whatever else aside, I don't get why people on the wrong side of a thorough ass-kicking would want to take pride in a flag that was never used outside that period. If I was from Michigan or ...

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Stands by Her Fanatical Right Wing ‘Pledge’

The Tea Party’s candidate reaffirms how crazy she is
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re: #145 Cheechako Is it possible to achieve the office without passing that test? Yes. Then it's not a Qualification. I live in England; we used to have religious tests for office - look up Charles Bradlaugh. That's what that ...
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