An alleged welfare queen

Buzzpo Pulls an NRO: Posts Photo From African Missionary’s Site Labeled as “Welfare Queen”

Here we go again….
212Dr. Matt
6/03/15 9:56:51 am
re: #210 weltallica

After the recent story about NRO doctoring a photo was posted, the link to it was posted on Fark user “Mr. Cat Poop” commented that he also exposed a similar case of deceitful use of a photo by using reverse image search. Buzzpo smear story (linked via This …

Right Wing Blogger Chuck C. Johnson Claims the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Is “Working With” Him

Pure character assassination
302Charles Johnson
8/29/14 5:35:50 pm
Beginning to wonder how long right wingers and beltway media will continue blathering idiotically about Obama's tan suit. — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) August 30, 2014

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro Makes Up Another Fake Story to Smear Hagel, GOP Runs With It

A pro-Hamas group that doesn’t exist
2/14/13 3:48:32 pm
What timing, to delay or maybe block the confirmation of a Secretary of Defense, for no particular reason, two days after the North Korean nuclear test. This is really putting party before country.

Soledad O’Brien Interviews Expert on Critical Race Theory, Destroys’s Lies

3/15/12 1:45:57 pm
Some elements of Critical Race theory do involve the issue of "whiteness" being a social currency giving you an inherent advantage in a system made by whites for whites. In a way it is about white supremacy because the whole ...

Andrew Breitbart’s Race-Baiting Fake Outrage Du Jour

Still more race-baiting from the right wing sleaze bag
204The Ghost of a Flea
10/03/11 8:43:32 pm
re: #203 ggt eh...(wiggles hand)...not so much. The French certainly like to paint that picture retrospectively, but then again they kept their colonial black subjects at considerable distance. Rather like the British, while the people of color were out of ...

Daily Caller Fail of the Day: Michele Bachmann’s ‘Crippling’ Migraines

Hot wingnut on wingnut action
7/19/11 11:18:10 pm
My first thought was that this was ridiculous as well - until friends of mine who suffer from migraines (& who use prescription medication to try to stop them) were appalled. More than one person has told me how they ...

Smoking Gun: The Dark Past Of The ‘Weinergate’ Co-Pilot

Another paranoid right wing loser with a creepy history
6/04/11 9:15:19 am
Charles, I'm glad you're covering and exposing this 'non-troversy' for what it is. That said, it's a just more than a bit ridiculous how far and wide this silliness is being discussed. The interest that Republicans seem to have in ...

Yfrog Disables Posting Pics Via Email or MMS

Action and reaction
286Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/02/11 9:15:54 am
re: #285 Rightwingconspirator Yeah, but it's in a lot more subtle and long-reaching way. Culture wins, in the end-- homophobia will shrink and shrink, becoming more and more fringe, in the same way that extreme misogyny has. But it'll still ...