MSNBC Admits They Were Hoaxed by Nasty Right Wing Troll Mike Cernovich, Reverses Decision to Fire Contributor Sam Seder

12/07/17 12:03:03 pm
re: #82 Stanley Sea Do tell...wonder if we'll hear the results. Maybe someone at Reed is in a leaking mood. One can only hope.

When MSNBC fired contributor Sam Seder after a bad faith smear campaign by far right racist, rape-promoting troll Mike Cernovich, they faced a huge amount of criticism from viewers, other media outlets, and generally everyone who thinks truth and context should actually matter in this world. And today they did …

Massachusetts Attorney General Exonerates Planned Parenthood of Bogus “Baby Parts” Smear Campaign

The fanatics’ lies are falling apart
8/02/15 10:18:07 am
Trump has the loyal support of the part of the GOP base that likes how he is undeterred by facts from telling them what they like to hear, and likes seeing how he fights back and refuses to back down ...

Anatomy of an Evil Smear

The lies of the Greenwald cult, exposed
6/30/14 7:24:45 am
re: #210 Justanotherhuman You don't understand it because you don't have the experience of identifying as a gender other than the one you currently identify with, which also happens to dovetail with how you experience yourself as a fully-realised being. ...

New York Times: Classified Military Report Does Not Conclude Bergdahl Deserted

6/05/14 5:55:38 pm
re: #455 RealityBasedSteve Maybe we haven't officially renounced it. But the possibility of using nukes in a first strike capacity isn't something you'll hear politicians propose very often. For one simple reason, it's fucking insane.