Video: John Oliver Dissects America’s Deranged Televangelism Industry

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520A Cranky One
8/18/15 3:16:18 pm
re: #510 Mattand And best of all, my youngest daughter!

This is just brilliant, as John Oliver takes apart the televangelism industry and the conscienceless hucksters who shamelessly bilk gullible people out of their life savings.

Greenwald Hypes ‘Spectacular Multicolored Fireworks’ for a Finale, Will Reveal Names of NSA ‘Victims’

Also compares GCHQ to a “super-vicious yapping Shih Tzu”
5/27/14 7:06:07 pm
re: #85 HappyWarrior The 442nd got that apology, and those reparations. Should have been the same around 1880 for the US Colored Troops, but those reparations got lost in the mail.