Friday Night Music Break: Snarky Puppy Feat. Susana Baca, “Fuego Y Agua”

5 days, 18 hours ago
re: #35 allegro Some people don't want to be kissed before they get fucked

This has been a week of one horror after another, and if you’re anything like me you’re ready for something completely different, and here it is. Featuring the great Peruvian singer Susana Baca, with an exceptional piano solo by Bill Laurance.

An Excellent Track From Snarky Puppy Affiliate Bokanté: “Roudesann”

380Odie Hugh Manatee
11/04/17 11:06:05 pm
re: #63 The Ghost of a Flea Excellent post, agreed. IMO Donna is at the end of her career with the DNC/Democrats, especially with her having never really ever led a winning campaign. She always talked a good game about ...