Satan has many faces.

And Now, Santorum Enters the Clown Car

It’s going to be an all-creationist race on the GOP side
290Egregious Philbin
5/27/15 6:17:20 pm
re: #11 RadicalModerate I love that picture so much, because it is such a portrait of one messed up family on their worst night. Schadenfreude, you betcha!
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The GOP presidential race is looking a lot like that old circus routine in which dozens of clowns keep climbing out of a tiny car — but in reverse, because the Republicans in this case just keep climbing into the Clown Car. The latest buffoon to elbow his way …

Mitt Romney in Missouri: ‘Planned Parenthood, We’re Going to Get Rid of That’

Romney’s fully enlisted in the war on women’s rights
3/14/12 10:13:13 am
re: #362 Freeze Peach I don't believe Jesus existed as a historical personage. Except for a couple of isolated passages that seem to be referring to an earthly Jesus but probably aren't, and other passages that are clearly later interpolations, ...
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Video: VA Lawmaker David Albo and the Dreaded ‘V’ Word

They have no problem shoving an ultrasound wand into it, just don’t say the word
2/27/12 3:05:56 pm
re: #5 Lidane If you can't bring yourself to say it, you have no business calling yourself an adult. Blushing over naughty words is something you're supposed to get over in school.
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Video: The Creationist in Charge of Education in Texas

3/13/10 12:00:39 am
re: #398 Petero1818 The separation of Church and State is a fundamental founding principle. The First Amendment is masterful because it protects BOTH the right to practice your religious beliefs and the right not to have the state dictate religious ...
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